Gift Aid is a simple way to boost your donation at no extra cost to you. If your donation is eligible, Orphan Children Charity will receive an extra 25p from HMRC for every pound you donate.

This means that for every £1 you give, Orphan Children Charity will receive £1.25.

Please Kindly Click the link below to complete the gift aid form

GIFT AID explained

To be eligible for Gift Aid you need to have paid or will pay the same amount of Income Tax or Capital Gains
Tax as charities will claim back on your Gift Aided donations in each tax year. Other taxes such as Council
Tax and VAT do not count for this purpose.

I don’t pay income tax – can I be eligible for Gift Aid?

Even if you think you are not a UK taxpayer, you are still eligible for Gift Aid if you pay tax in the
following ways:

  • Through a taxable investment or rental income
  • Savings, a state pension or other pension plans
  • Capital Gains Tax.

If you do, you are a taxpayer. So, simply tick the YES box on this form and send it to us via email or post and
we can claim an extra 25% on your donations.

Is it really that simple?

Yes – just tick the box on the form, checking that we have your correct initial, last name and home address,
send it to us via email or post and we will do the rest for you. Once we have the form we can even claim Gift
Aid on any donations you make to Orphan Children Charity in the future.

Does it matter how often or how much I give?

You don’t have to give regularly or have donated a certain amount for us to claim Gift Aid on your donations.
We can claim Gift Aid on how ever many donations you have made in the past four years.

I have already completed a Gift Aid declaration for another charity. Do I need to
complete another one?

You have to give a declaration for each charity you want Gift Aid to apply. However you only need to fill in
one form for us and we can claim Gift Aid on however much you have previously donated in the last four
years and any future donations.

What if my circumstances or details change?

Just call our support team on 0300 030 6005 or email